Patent Twin Saddle Stool 901SNV-2F

Patent Saddle Series-Heavy, multi-balanced seat width adjustable - Rated for 300 LBS

By experiencing unique adjustment on sitting position and effectively relieving spinal stress, Kanewell's saddle stool let you get an extra boost for work all day!

  • Keeps spine properly aligned and stimulate concentration of core muscles
  • Support pelvis at right position after working in frequent standing
  • Patent central knob to adjust seat width easily
  • Mechanism function : Pneumatic seat height & posture angle adjustment
  • Anti-bacterial vinyl
  • Steel seat frame

Product Description

Saddle stool 901SNV-2F uses a sturdy steel seat frame with a soft and thick molded foam seat, which not only protects and supports your spine, but also effectively relieves spine pressure. It helps you sit in an upright vertical position and the pelvis can be in its neutral upright position and have the spine support the upper body. This will prevent and rehabilitate back problems simultaneously.

Our innovative patent design-central knob between two seat cushions can freely adjust seat width so that you will have the most comfortable posture. There're 5 basic colors : Teal/Wine/Navy/Charcoal /Black. Besides vinyl, we do provide black genuine leather as well.

On the whole, it is very suitable for workers who need to be sedentary or move frequently in any work areas such as offices, hospitals, laboratories, overhead counters, high tables, dental clinics, workstations, etc.



Seat W 19" x D 13.5"
Seat Width 20.5"-21.7" adjustable
Seat Height 23.5" to 31"
Seat Foam Density 57±5 kg/m³ (High)
Package 2.6 cu.ft.
Certificate BIFMA/EN_1335
Capacity 300 LBS

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