10 Aug

Kanewell has been nominated as "BEST SPLIT SADDLE STOOL" in 2021 from Ergonomic Health Association

Below is the comment from Ergonomic Health Association:
Full comment from Ergonomic Health Association

If you’re looking for a high quality split seat chair, look no further than Kanewell’s twin saddle stool.

It has a superior ergonomic design, which will keep you comfortable in whatever task.

The split also helps for a great airflow under and around the seat, making it ideal for hot summer days.

And while the padding is minimal due to the split nature of the seat, the leather upholstery is of excellent quality.


Most people are quite satisfied with this chair, especially for the budget-friendly price for which it’s sold.

Those that aren’t used to split saddles can find the seat to lack padding but that’s normal for this type of chair.


  • The leather upholstery of this chair is top-grain and is extremely comfortable and durable.
  • The chair can come in several sizes, the largest one of which can be adjusted to up to 37” of height.
  • The split saddle on this chair is excellent for reducing the stress on your pressure points and relieving any back pain you may have experienced from other chairs.


  • As a split saddle chair, the cushion can be a bit lacking for some people.