Patent Twin Saddle Stool 901SNL-2F

Twin Saddle Series

By experiencing unique adjustment on sitting position and effectively relieving spinal stress, Kanewell's saddle stool let you get an extra boost for work all day!

  • Keeps spine properly aligned and stimulate concentration of core muscles
  • Support pelvis at right position after working in frequent standing
  • Patent central knob to adjust seat width easily
  • Mechanism function : Pneumatic seat height & posture angle adjustment
  • Genuine leather upholstery
  • Steel seat frame
                                                The secret for your health everyday! 
                                                our saddle chair seat width adjustment 
                                                knob makes you stay focus on your work 
                                                all day and don't get tired!


Seat W 19" x D 13.5"
Seat Height 23-1/8" to 31"
Seat Foam Density 57±5 kg/m³ (High)
Package 2.6 cu.ft.
Certificate BIFMA/EN_1335
Seat Width 19'' to 20'' by multi-direction adjustable
Capacity 300 LBS

We provide high quality co-polymer trimmer line ,Customized products are also available to meet your demand.