Questions About Saddle Stool

September 03,2020
what is saddle stool

Nowadays it takes much time for most people to work in the office than staying home, so the most important thing is to choose a sedentary chair and make you feel comfortable all the way. Our saddle stool is made for this, which can satisfy users that need to sit sedentarily and move frequently, such as dentists, doctors, researchers, etc. Let’s start with the introduction of  saddle stool.

What is Saddle Stool?

As the name implies, a saddle stool is a chair that come with a sitting spot shaped like a saddle. A decent saddle stool will come with a solid base and will have options to adjust the height and move around comfortably.

What benifits do Saddle stool bring to our body?

  • Improve circle blood of body (circulation) while sitting

  • Gives you a healthy back - sitting in an upright vertical position where we are at our strongest, both physically and mentally. It helps your pelvis in its neutral upright position and have the spine support the upper body so that the muscles get relaxed. 

  • Keeps spine properly aligned and stimulate concentration of core muscles

  • Support pelvis at right position after working in frequent standing
  • Offers you a unburdened, standing-like and positive way to sit in balance

  • Indirectly facilitate deeper breath, high energy level, dynamic brain and mental strength

In comparison with Twin Saddle stool & traditional office chair

Twin Saddle stool Traditional office chair
  • Each of the two saddles can be customized individually, which means user can have a personalized fit

  • The ergonomics of these tools reduce back pain and fatigue that comes from staying locked in a single place

  • Aesthetic outlook and compact size

  • Adopt molded foam with high density, which is durable and supports lower body effectively 

  • Its back can't fit everybody's size, which easily leads to bad postures and all sort of issues

  • Big & heavy size takes up a lot of space

  • It doesn't be used with high density foam, meaning it tends to be elastic fatigue and add the burden of lower body


What's the difference between one-piece saddle and twin saddle?

One-piece saddle can't adjust seat width ; twin saddle can use its central knob to adjust seat width easily.

What industry of saddle stool can be used ?

Dental hygienist, doctor clinic, laborotary - anyone who tends to to spend much time sitting or working sedentary style all needs saddle stool to adjust posture.

How to adjust the seat width of the double saddle stool?

Step1:Turn counter-clockwisely to loosen the central width knob in the begining
Step2:Pull the left seat slowly out to the width you want
Step3:Turn clockwisely to tighten the knob so as to fix the width


What's the strength of Kanewell saddle stool in comparison with others ?

  1. The seat in the unit allows adjustable width and angle giving you the option to customize it according to your specification

  2. Updated Patent in EU (Germany), USA, Japan, etc.

  3. Top-grain leather cushion upholstery 

  4. Mold foam cushion to allow user to sit in perfect density and harness

  5. Smooth moving & durable PU wheels

  6. High cost-performance ratio


Conclusion :

Saddle stool is applicable to anyone who needs to sit sedentarily and move often.Our R&D team has newly developed molded seat foam with ergonomics and high density 57±5 kg/m³, which supports your lower body thoroughly and provides you absolute comfort & durability. Besides, with pneumatic height & posture angle adjustment, patent central knob to adjust seat width easily, Kanewell saddle stool is the best choice with no doubt for you to work and sit sedentarily. If you have interest in becoming our distributor or wholesaler, please don't hesitate to contact us.